January 18, 2018

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Stop saying "never settle," it's lazy romantic advice

By Benjamin Mann | October 15th, 2014
As we juggle insecurities, uncertainties and the daunting romantic goals we set out to achieve before descending life’s next hill, it’s important we take a rational, humble approach to the process. The contempt with which we have straddled the word “settle” makes me worry that we’re fighting the right battle with the wrong weapons.Read More

Dude, she’s allowed to look at your phone

By Benjamin Mann | October 7th, 2014
One of the most hotly debated relationship moves is the phone snoop. Many a fight has broken out over a pinched text or an intercepted instant message. The question is, can we get mad at the person who peeked? Are they needy or are they well within their rights… Read More

The 7 most refreshing kinds of couples

By Benjamin Mann | September 30th, 2014
Great couples aren’t just fun and refreshing, they’re contagious. A kick-ass couple not only makes your weekend but also makes you want to be a better, more dynamic person with your own partner. So here is a list of the most inspirational, refreshing kinds of couples out there. Read More

The 7 most frustrating kinds of couples

By Benjamin Mann | September 22nd, 2014
Couples are lovely, inspirational evangelists of the romantic cause…most of the time. Some of the time, they’re too much to handle. Here are the 7 couples that most make us appreciate our alone time. Read More

One Mann on Dating: You should exercise together

By Benjamin Mann | September 15th, 2014
Exercise time can be great alone time. But it can also be great together time. Benjamin Mann gives us several reasons why working out together isn’t just good for our health, but awesome for our relationships. Read More

Do I have to dump someone after two dates?

By Benjamin Mann | September 11th, 2014
"Anyone who wasn’t raised in a Mennonite barn should understand that the first two to three dates are exploratory and impose zero ethical responsibility on either party."Read More

The five pieces that make up the perfect Toronto date—part two

By Benjamin Mann | September 8th, 2014
We continue our look at the perfect spots for a date in the city.Read More

The five pieces that make up the perfect Toronto date—part one

By Benjamin Mann | September 3rd, 2014
"We tend to ask the wrong questions when it comes to a planning a great date."Read More

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    October 30th, 2014
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    October 30th, 2014
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