January 18, 2018

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Dispatch from the Westminster Dog Show

By Nicholas Robins-Early | February 19th, 2013
Nicholas Robins-Early: "They were all good boys, to be sure, but who was the best?"Read More

Much Ado About Obamacare (and the Artist Formerly Known as SCOTUS)

By Nicholas Robins-Early | June 28th, 2012
Nicholas Robins-Early: "Rightly being seen as the most monumental ruling the Supreme Court has given since Bush v Gore over a decade ago"Read More

Mitt Romney's (Lack Of) Foreign Policy

By Nicholas Robins-Early | June 20th, 2012
The world has a vested interest in knowing how Romney would use American power if electedRead More

Big Willie Style: Why Campaigning Like Clinton Won't Work for Obama

By Nicholas Robins-Early | June 13th, 2012
Well-connected and a master of the trail, ‘Slick Willie' has proven an asset to the Democrats and a good pairing with Obama, at least in terms of showmanshipRead More

Quebec Protests Are Something, But Not Arab Spring

By Nicholas Robins-Early | May 31st, 2012
"This type of hyperbolic self-indulgence is not only embarrassing, but it is anathema to the movement that they seek to promote"Read More

They're Playing With Fire

By Nicholas Robins-Early | May 22nd, 2012
After an inconclusive election, Greeks scramble to save their country's place in Eurozone and, perhaps, the Eurozone itselfRead More

Obama's Support for Same-Sex Marriage: An 'Evolving' Stance?

By Nicholas Robins-Early | May 15th, 2012
Nicholas Robins-Early: "How much does the President's support really mean in the push towards equal rights for gays and lesbians?"Read More

System Failure: The Transport Security Administration

By Nicholas Robins-Early | May 8th, 2012
Nicholas Robins-Early: It's time for the TSA to know how it feels when the rubber glove is on the other handRead More

'Stop and Frisk': Racial Profiling and the Abuse of Power

By Nicholas Robins-Early | April 23rd, 2012
Study shows for the vast majority of those subjected to “stops”, only two things remain constant: they are innocent, and they are not whiteRead More

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    Society Snaps: Eric S. Margolis Foundation Launch

    Kristin Davis moved Toronto's philanthroists to tears ... then sent them all home with a baby elephant - Read More