January 21, 2018


How Would You Cast Mayor Rob Ford?

By Farrah Khaled | May 28th, 2013
We asked CBC personalities how they'd cast the mayor in the new fall schedule - and we think we've got a part for himRead More

I Dream of Hitler

By Anthony Matijas | May 21st, 2013
Stephen Harper, the CBC, and the art of jumping to conclusionsRead More

Teen Dramas and The 20-something

By Eva Voinigescu | May 17th, 2013
Why, as adults, are we still so invested in what happens on The Vampire Diaries? Are we too old?Read More

OutTV's Canadian Cop-Out

By Jaime Woo | May 15th, 2013
Jaime Woo: What's the point of a 'Canadian' channel with almost no Canadian content?Read More

Advice From an Icon

By Jeremy Schipper | May 13th, 2013
Canada's top minds share thoughts on Batman, Timmy Ho's, and more. Plus, exclusive counsel from Olivia Chow, Maestro, and Linda LundstromRead More


By Sonya JF Barnett (The Madame) | March 6th, 2013
Sonya JF Barnett on TV's conspicuous lack of condomsRead More

What to Make of the Latest Layoffs at Toronto Star

By Bert Archer | March 6th, 2013
Bert Archer: "Let this be a note of hope to those about to lose their jobs, from one who did long ago"Read More

SexPlusCleanliness: Playtex's 'Fresh & Sexy' Wipes

By Sonya JF Barnett (The Madame) | February 27th, 2013
Sonya JF Barnett on why marketing matters and how Playtex could've done betterRead More

More Plagiarism at the Star

By Bert Archer | February 15th, 2013
Bert Archer: It's sloppy, not malicious, but it's also five freakin' paragraphsRead More
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    October 31st, 2014
    Uncategorized A note on the future of Toronto Standard
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    By Igor Bonifacic
    October 30th, 2014
    Culture Vice and Rogers are partnering to bring a Vice TV network to Canada
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    By Igor Bonifacic
    October 30th, 2014
    Editors Pick John Tory gets a parody Twitter account
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    By Igor Bonifacic
    October 29th, 2014
    Culture Marvel marks National Cat Day with a series of cats dressed up as its iconic superheroes
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    Society Snaps: Eric S. Margolis Foundation Launch

    Kristin Davis moved Toronto's philanthroists to tears ... then sent them all home with a baby elephant - Read More