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The Boobyball Committee's Crazy Coed Stories: Illustrated
"I spent the evening handcuffed to an obnoxious fraternity brother who tried to do keg stands all night"

We asked some of the women behind this year’s Booby U fundraiser in support of Rethink Breast Cancer to share the craziest, most embarrassing, and entertaining stories from their coed days. 


Aliya-Jasmine Sovani
Television Host & Producer of MTV’s “PLAY with AJ,” Honorary Co-chair Boobyball
Undergrad from Ottawa University, certification from Harvard

After rushing for my sorority I was extremely excited to attend my first fraternity mixer as a sister. The frat house where the mixer was taking place was notoriously packed with the best looking greeks on campus. Unfortunately, as a rookie, my sisters told me to be there at 10 pm…naturally, the party started at 8 pm. Being tardy to a weekend keg party wouldn’t be a big deal, except this mixer had a very strict rule: if you’re late you are punished. Not only did I have to wear my panties outside of my pants…which was extra awkward since I was wearing a lace thong…but I had to be handcuffed to the fraternity brother of their choice for the night. Unlike the reputation of his brotherhood, he unfortunately, was far from looking (or acting) like prince charming. His body odor was so strong that I could hardly swallow my beer and ended up being sober that night. Which normally, might not be a bad thing, except this was not a normal night.  I spent the evening handcuffed to an obnoxious fraternity brother who tried to do keg stands all night – and the worm, yes the dance move – with a woman handcuffed to his left arm, and then proceeded to vomit in a waste bin for most of the midnight hour…all my sisters, and the handsome frat boys, could not have found the sight funnier. I was mortified. It definitely taught me a good lesson. At the risk of being linked to a disgusting slob, and his smelly hygiene…always be punctual.


Illustrations by Tiffy Thompson

Lindsay Grange
Senior Manager, Events at Rethink Breast Cancer

“When I was in 1st year, I lived in residence and my room was directly across the hall from the washrooms. One morning, I was running late for an early morning class, so I grabbed my shower supplies, wrapped my towel around me, threw on my flip flops and ran across the hall before anyone could see me.  After a quick shower, I ran back to my room hoping that I wouldn’t run into anyone.  That’s when I discovered that I had locked myself out of my room!  My roommate had already left for class, so my only option was to go down to the front desk and have someone let me know. I think the front desk staff took their time getting my key just to make the whole situation more embarrassing! I never forgot my key again.”


Ainsley Kerr
Event & Branding Specialist, Honorary Co-chair Boobyball
Queens University

While I had a long term boyfriend for most of my university “career,” when we had broke up I did not waste any time getting back into the dating world. Given my new single status and my annual (much anticipated!) bachelor auction, I happened to know a few of the eligible bachelors on campus.

One night my university roommates decided we should throw a party. We had everything that a good party needed: snacks, good beverages and even a local DJ who came over with his own sound system. The only thing our party lacked was a shortage of cute guys. No problem I told my roommates! I made a couple of quick phone calls to some hotties who assured me they were all on their way.  My only minor glitch was that I had been on a date with each of them and while I was not interested in them – all of them thought I had invited them to our party because I was!  All the guys seemed to arrive at the same time; so being a good hostess – I left our guests to get acquainted with one another and went off to the kitchen to fetch everyone a drink. During the five minutes I was gone the guys got know each other and figured out that I was the common link. Pretty soon – they were all mad at each other, myself and my roommates were annoyed that I had only invited guys that I had been on dates with. I was annoyed because half our party had left and we had made these specialty cocktails.

To make matters worse we also were given a noise violation fine from the police  – and when they showed up at our house, it was just my three roommates and myself sitting in our living room. Mortifying.


Whitney Pizale
Owner / Event Planner – W Events, Co-chair Boobyball

When I was in university, I majored in History (some might say my minor was in nightclubs). With two older brothers with business degrees, my Dad always assumed they would be the first of his children to be featured in the Report on Business, a prestigious publication produced by the Globe and Mail. One afternoon I got a call from my Dad.  He had just received the new issue of Report on Business and had been reading an interesting article on young investment bankers and how every Thursday night they met at The Keg for dinner and then headed out to a popular Toronto nightclub.  At the top of the article was my picture – arms in the air and drink in hand!  I was on the dance floor, eyes closed and obviously enjoying life a little too much. It was a proud moment (not!). The first one in my family to be in a business magazine!  I’m sure he was happy to see all the money he was putting towards my education was paying off. I tried to explain to my Dad that I was “networking,” but he wasn’t too impressed. Hopefully the next time my father sees my picture in Report on Business, it is for my entrepreneurial skills and not my partying talents. 


Rachelle Saevil
Creative Director of frontrowmag.com, Co-chair Boobyball
Humber college for Advertising and Graphic Design

It was the very first day of class. Being in an arts program, I was fully equipped with all the necessities for the year: a portfolio, books, markers, pencils, a tool box full of rulers, knives and erasers. Being the overly multi-tasker that I am, I thought I’d be able to manage commuting with all my new goodies on the TTC then the GO Train back home. I was awfully wrong. As I approached the TTC stop, already fumbling over my colour theory books, a girl approached me asking if I needed help, as she was getting on the streetcar as well. I reluctantly accepted as I passed over half of my stash to this stranger, who weeks later, became one of my best friends today.



Boobyball is an annual party thrown in support of Rethink Breast Cancer. Over the past 11 years Boobyball has raised over 1.4 million dollars for Rethink Breast Cancer and other worthy breast cancer organizations. This year’s theme is Booby U. Think Animal House with a modern, sexy twist and one hot excuse to get your alma mater on in support of Rethink Breast Cancer.

The Details:

Booby U

Date: October 18, 2013
Time: 8 pm- ‘till late
Location: Sound Academy, 11 Polson St. Toronto, Canada M5A 1A4


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