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StandardTapes 32: Hooded Fang's ALL CAPS! Festival Primer
Toronto's Hooded Fang gives you a virtual ALL CAPS! Festival experience

Toronto’s popular ALL CAPS! Music Festival returns this weekend to the island for its fifth and final year. Aside from being the only music festival in Toronto to offer camping within its limits, the festival is known and loved for its line-up of consistently great independant acts; among those being your gracious hosts Hooded Fang

Allow them to guide you on this virtual journey of the festival with some of their favourite tracks by bands playing the actual, real-life fest on August 10th & 11th. Emerge from your virtual tent, feel the virtual sunshine, and remember: “If I can’t have your love then I play bass in your face.”


Where and how was this mix recorded?

This mix was created by traveling backwards from the highest geographical point in Toronto to the lowest, trying all the while to discern the exact point at which ascension became reversed and stability was reached.

What was the idea behind the mix?

The idea was to prepare for the final ALL CAPS by imagining wholeness inside of insularity. 

In your own words, can you describe the sound of Hooded Fang?

Hooded Fang sounds like an increasingly unusual food made from exceptionally familiar ingredients.

Hooded Fang’s “Graves” melts some faces and some P-frames

Who’s an act you’re excited to see at ALL CAPS!?

Elfin Saddle makes fine leather goods for the discerning small person’s equine transport needs.

Where and when can the Standard’s readers see you perform during the festival?

We perform at 8pm at the island this weekend.



1) Unfinished Business – “Try Not To Laugh”

Unfinished Business is next level. Try not to laugh.

2) Ev Ree Wuhn – “Control (Pale Eyes Re-work)”

If I can’t have your love then I play bass in your face.


3) Mind Crumb – “Shotgun Jimmie”

When you have tin foil, you may wrap the coast in it.

4) bizZarh – “PVNCVKES”

Remember that dance is the oldest human technology.

5) Hooded Fang – “Linus’ Boon”

When change is a numbers game, begin in secret.

6) Watershed Hour – “I Married a Narcissist, Myself”

When sludge travels in a coconut, grit is its power.

7) Elfin Saddle – “WURLD”

Ferns are not like normal plants. They are like birds.

8) Magneta Lane – “Lady Bones”

Chimnify when standing where buildings used to live.


9) CATL – “Gold Tooth Shine”

Try to remember that cotton lives best inside a boll.

10) Rich Aucoin – “Brian Wilson is A.L.i.V.E.”

What is made of paper and light can never perish.


Jeremy Schipper is an intern who likes Hooded Fang at Toronto Standard. You can follow him on Twitter at @jeromeoschipps.

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