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OSPCA to do a Marineland probe, missing Canadian woman survives on berries, river water for 16 days; and the real Walter White is a wanted man. Your Morning Cable

OSPCA to do a Marineland probe

The Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals will perform an on-site investigation and inspection at Marineland following the Toronto Star’s expose on the alleged mistreatment and suffering of its animals. 

“We’ve got to do what’s best for the animals’ welfare,” said Connie Mallory, chief licensing inspector for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, to the Star.

“We treat very seriously what was brought forward in the paper,” she said to the paper, on Thursday.

The original Star report by Linda Diebel quoted eight former Marineland employees, and posted graphic details about the poor quality of the water, animal care, and a vivid description of the death of a baby beluga whale.

Similarly, Ontario Community Service Minister Madeleine Meilleur, an overseer of the OSPCA, said she was “very concerned” by the Star’s report, saying she, “was in tears.” Meilleur’s staff will closely monitor the situation, but as of now, there is no government regulation in Canada or Ontario of any animal park, or marine mammal parks.

Missing Canadian woman survives on berries, river water for 16 days

A 42-year-old woman has been found alive, after going missing on a rabbit trapping trip in Northern Alberta 16 days earlier.

Rhonda Cardinal and her husband, Andrew, had lost the keys to their ATV, but she grew impatient while waiting for him to find the keychain. Wandering off in search of help, or as her husband thought, taking off “back to the cabin,” Rhonda got lost, and lived off of berries and river water for over two weeks.

The National Post reports Cardinal was found on a remote access road on Wednesday, after 16 days roaming lost in a community around 200 km north of Edmonton. 

A gas plant operator for Husky Energy, Christopher Raddi, was driving from Athabasca to a helicopter, to fly to a work camp. Instead, he found Cardinal standing by the side of the road, wearing fluffy slippers, and called it in. What a good samaritan!

The real Walter White is a wanted man

Breaking Bad on the brain? You’re not alone. There’s a real Walter White, and he is wanted by the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office in Alabama, for parole violation, states The Hollywood Reporter.

Sharing his namesake with Bryan Cranston’s iconic character, the real White shares ‘Heisenberg’s’ profession, and was arrested in 2008 on related charges to methamphetamine manufacturing. Put on parole in 2010, White was busted in January on the same meth-based charges, and did not show up to his court date in July.

Now at the top of the sheriff’s most wanted list, White, 55, is also surprisingly close in age to Cranston’s character, who is currently 51. Though it remains to be seen if White is at large in the “Live Free or Die” state of New Hampshire, he might also like to celebrate his birthday by breaking up pieces of bacon on to eggs. 

The question remains: Is White the one who knocks?


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