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Dept of Want: Pimp Your Bike
A selection of the latest bicycle gadgets to prepare you for the season ahead

It’s the time of year when the streets of Toronto become a haven for bike enthusiasts. 

So, what better way to prepare for the biking season ahead than to get your bike pimped out with the latest nifty devices and ensure a smoother ride on the mean streets of Toronto? From a helmet that doubles up as a bike lock to the latest cycling apparel, we’ve got all angles covered.


Head- Lock Bike Lock

For those of you who use bicycles as your primary means of transport,  you’re probably all too familiar with having to lug around your helmet once you’ve reached your destination. This clever gadget, developed by designers Kwon Zion, Lim Seokjoong, Na Hyesook and Kim Younghye, aims to eradicate the problem by allowing the owner to secure his or her helmet on the bike’s tire. The helmet also doubles as a bike lock. 

After dismounting your bicycle and removing your helmet, an effortless rotation of the shelled form creates a clamp. The Head-Lock Bike Lock can thus be placed around the wheel of your ride, making it impossible for the tire to turn full circle–unless you know the code to the combination lock. The Head-Lock Bike Lock is not on the market just yet, but it is sure to attract a slew of cyclists when it is available for purchase.   


Levi’s Commuter Series

Levi’s’ new line of hoodies, pants and jackets were designed specifically to combat the most common two-wheeler-induced problems. The line features reinforced construction to ensure long-term wear and ‘Nanosphere’ technology to ensure the rider’s apparel will stay dry in a downpour. The fabrics used are lightweight and stretchy for increased comfort and ventilation and have 3M reflective tape to ensure the rider can be seen at night. The pants also have a high-rise waistband with a convenient spot to attach a U-Lock.

The ‘Levi’s Commuter Series’  is bound to make any biker’s commute more practical without sacrificing the rider’s style.


Six Pack Bike Bag

We’ve all had the problem of cycling home from work on a hot summer day, yearning for a couple of beers but not knowing where to put them. Well Donkey’s 6 Pack Bike Bag is the answer to our problems – with six compartments for six bottles, this handy bike accessory is likely to turn every bicycle tour into a detour of some kind.


The Verbal Bicycle Bell

Toronto isn’t the easiest of cities to meander around;noisy streetcars, hot-headed taxi-drivers and pedestrians make it a loud affair. This is where the Vebal Bicycle Bell comes into action; this practical gadget records and plays any message as a warning to others. The device announces “On your left” or any verbal warning with the touch of a button, proclaiming your approach more effectively than a bell and without taxing your vocal chords.

The Fahrer Berlin Ipad Case 

The Fahrer Berlin Ipad Case accessory clamps to the middle of the bike frame and will sit there securely as you cruise through the streets. It’s an ideal item for those who either want more space in the backpack or just don’t want to carry one at all.


Síle Cleary is a regular contributor to Toronto Standard. Follow her on Twitter at @silecleary.

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