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Cool Tech: Save traditional for someone else. Get creative with tech and plan a wedding both J. J. Abrams and Neon Indian would approve

Suddenly everyone I know is getting married. The whirlwind of fittings and showers that has become my life has forced me to consider event details and themes, which brought me to the imperative contemplation of what would quantify the ultimate high-tech hipster wedding. My credentials for compiling this list include a one-time stint as a bridesmaid, an enthusiastic lust for nostalgic imagery (and still frequent user of an old Polaroid camera), multiple nights of wedding attendance and a superb appreciation for pretentious music. So behold what I envision to be the skeleton of hipster wedding bliss. I leave the fashion to you my friends. I’m only here for tech inspiration.

Viewmaster Invitations
The ultimate high tech hipster wedding needs to begin with the best invitations of all time. The Viewmaster Invitation (pictured above) features a full-colour kodachrome with a nostalgic viewmaster and a custom picture reel. Prices start at $1,800 and go up to $5,400, so not cheap especially considering there’s a little bit of DIY in the assembly of these invitations, but if you have the cash they’re definitely worth it. Plus, they’re made in Brooklyn.

Recently my cousin got married and the MC announced the entire reception would be live tweeted under the hashtag #Brandi2012. Any tech savvy attendees jumped on board, tweeting memorable moments, photos and videos throughout the night. It may neither have reached trending status nor received a retweet by Vice, but it did give the event a fun, quirky twist.

Kitschy Cake

Tech or video game influenced wedding cakes are pretty much an essential. Lavish cakes are increasingly popular, which means custom cakes are easy to obtain. You might want to consider something like this Pac Man cake, which maintains the wedding feel with a throwback twist.  The groom’s best friend the Domestic Scientist created this cake. She says it was a hit, even though it tasted bad. Maybe hire someone who will let you try the recipe first though, just saying.

Super 8

Give your wedding a vintage feel and film it on a Super 8 camera. Super 8 cameras have made enough of a comeback to warrant an entire panel dedicated to modern uses at this year’s SXSW. The CEO of Pro8mm, Phil Vigeant, moderated the panel. He dedicates a whole section on his website to filming vintage-style weddings, complete with video examples for inspiration. The site sells a number of modified Super 8 cameras ranging from $800 to $3,000 in price, not including taxes or film. Or, you could just get someone to film it on the 99-cent Super 8 iPhone app, which is actually awesome and recently won numerous Webby and Appy Awards.

Music Videos

If your wedding doesn’t end with a choreographed music video set to Passion Pit then I’m sorry my friends, you have failed to create the ultimate high tech hipster wedding. Lauren and JP got married in 2010 and turned their day into a unique collection of semi-stop motion dance moves with a plethora of origami cranes. The video was shot and edited by Matt Odum who runs Rock And Roll Hearts, a film company that makes music videos out of wedding footage from any decade. This particular video was filmed entirely on a Canon EOS 7D camera, which retails for upwards of $1,600. I’m sure someone in your wedding party has one. If not, then you have also failed.


Sheena Lyonnais writes about tech for Toronto Standard. You can follow her on Twitter at @SheenaLyonnais.

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