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An exclusive morning rant from our style editor.

Screengrabbed from the FDCC homepage.

Yesterday eve, the fashion editors, writers, buyers, stylists, publicists, and who-knows-who were summoned to the height of Yorkville for “an exclusive cocktail reception.” The purpose of this reception was to announce, at 6:30 p.m., something very exciting. I’ve been around this block enough times to know that what the FDCC deems very exciting, the rest of us deem “oh… okay,” and that I would prefer an exclusive phone call, or perhaps an exclusive slice of pizza. So I didn’t go. Also, I had an interview to do at 6:45, and Robin Kay is not famed for timeliness.

Instead my intern went (thank you, Christina) and texted me: “So it’s now World M*****C*** Fashion Week. That’s the big announcement. Haha.” Why all the asterisks? Oh, cause yesterday “we” were “all” tweeting about it, and M*****C*** began trending in Toronto. I would like to avoid that, and here, in an exclusive morning rant, is why.

For starters: “World?” WORLD. Before we call ourselves WORLD Anything Fashion Week, we should probably get some international press up in here, and maybe some proper washrooms. The FDCC can’t even conquer Toronto–there are several designers who show the week before the official fashion week–let alone WORLD. I understand that World is part of the World M*****C*** brand, but still, it sounds grandiose and shoddy. All I hear is Toronto’s incessant chorus of “world-class! WORLD-CLASS!” ...without the class.

And it is not as though, if we name it, they will come. We have to build it.

Secondly: M*****C***. I ain’t saying the name but you know what I mean, and surely you see the problem. It’s not that M*****C*** doesn’t have shit to do with fashion; no, think for one second. It has piles and piles and piles of shit to do with fashion. It is a boldfaced symbol of overconsumption and reliance on constant unnecessary new-new-new. I’m a capitalist piglet, too, but I don’t want this crap rubbed in my face.

And every fashion week in the world, all those world-class fashion weeks that don’t call themselves World Fashion Week, has a sponsor. Every fashion week needs a sponsor. I will be grateful to our new sponsor if they can help the FDCC make ours a less tacky, more important affair. (The new logo, though, is less than auspicious: it says FASHN WK. Yes, FASHN WK. Because we just want to sound like a druggy synth band formed in 2007. Don’t miss us at our Coachella reunion.)

But the FDCC’s insistence that we call Fashion Week by its sponsored, branded moniker–World M*****C*** FASHN WK by FDCC–is wearing PRET-TY THIN. New York Fashion Week is called just that, not Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week by CDFA. London Fashion Week is called… yep… that, not Canon Fashion Week by BFC. So I propose, as Gail McInnes did yesterday on Twitter, that we the professional media, and also the unprofessional media, gather up our dignity, wield our mighty typing fingers, and call this by its rightful name: Toronto. Fashion. Week.

Because what are they going to do? Take away our cocktails?

Sarah Nicole Prickett is the Style Editor at Toronto Standard. Follow her on Twitter at  @xoxSNP.

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