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June 18, 2015
Amy Schumer, and a long winter nap.
October 30, 2014
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A Dozen Stocking-Sized Surprises
Gifts that won't break your back, or your budget.

Just need a little something for someone you don’t really love thaaaaat much? No prob. We’ve found some gifts to fit stockings—at prices for shallow pockets.

DAFF, the German felt co., makes keychains that would look just as good on the tree. $9 at Pink Tartan (77 Yorkville).

Hevea lip balm in “Cocoa Spice” is unisex, legit organic, and better than chocolate. Okay, that’s not true. It’s only slightly worse than chocolate. $26 at Art.27 (899 Queen St. W).

A single egg cup by Rino Ono is the perfect signifier of this new austerity we keep trying not to read about in the financial section. $20 at Mjolk (2959 Dundas St. W).

Boot Rescue cleaning wipes come in a couldn’t-be-handier pack of 15, and each wipe does two shoes on the spot. Caveat: these don’t work so well on encrusted salt stains; they’re more of an as-it-happens fix. Give ’em to anyone who owns—and walks—a dog. $6.50 at A2Zane.

“Crunching Snowballs” are exactly as they sound: white things in the shape of snowballs that go crrrrunch. Designed by Finns, they’re great gifts for small children, bored office workers, and people… who… don’t have snow at home? $35 at Magic Pony (680 Queen St. W).

ABC* Cookie Cutters are now available in festive form. Ideal for gingerbread maneaters. *Already Been Chewed. HA. HA. $10 at Future of Frances Watson (1390 Queen St. W).

Erica Weiner takes itsy vintage “sweetheart necklaces” and stamps the old brass with a personalized message. If you don’t order in time for Xmas, save this thought for V-Day, cos it’s kinda too cute not to do. $65 (USD) at

A “mini” by Falconwright just fits coins, subway tokens, and three sticks of gum, so it’s totes perfect for the hobo in your life (everyone has one). Each eensy pouch is made from reclaimed leather with a unique pattern. $12; will be sold at City of Craft this weekend and on their website thereafter.

NARS knows no girl doesn’t love an “Orgasm.” And when they come multiply? Ohhhhh. Yes. Of course, we’re talking about the super-popular, peachy-glimmery cosmetic colour, available here in a set of three miniatures: lip gloss, nailpolish, and that notorious blush. $39 at Sephora.

Hand-decorated cookies from Bakerbots (available in sugar, sugar lemon, and the highly seasonal ginger spice) are the sweetest way to say whatever the hell you want. $2.50—$7.00 each; minimum order, 1 dozen.

The Executive Marshmallow Shooter is a real thing, yep. It rapid-fires up to 25 mini-marshmallows at a time—ideally straight into a steaming mug of cocoa. $46.95 at Rolo (24 Bellair).


Lomography’s Diana Mini Gold is 100% flash, what with that shiny shiny loonie-colour sprayed all up on it. This is totally the camera Jay-Z would have if he were poor. $129 at Lomography (536 Queen St. W).

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