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Vice and Rogers are partnering to bring a Vice TV network to Canada
John Tory gets a parody Twitter account
The New __________ : Twelve Stars Making Toronto's Style
You're probably only reading this to see if you've made the list.

Isabel Slone. The New Critic. Isabel Slone of Hipster Musings was the cleverest debutante at LG Fashion Week this past season, covering shows for WORN and staking out her future claim (fingers crossed) on the front row. She recently wrote an industry-critical essay on her blog, which we edited and reposted here, and which you’d do well to read. More girls than ever, it seems, want to work in fashion; so few are intelligent enough to understand what that means. Slone is one. The New Label. I’ve been a fan–as much as any critic can be a fan–of Chloe Comme Parris since their LGFW debut in October 2010, and swear, it’s incredible to me that wasn’t longer ago. Sisters Chloe and Parris Gordon are doing so well already; in 2011, they showed up in every stylish publication in Canada (ahem; ahem; oh, and ahem) and showed off to buyers in New York and Paris. And it’s more than hype. The sisters are rightfully confident, thoughtful, and talented–not just for their age, but for any age. Amina Said. Photo: Sarah Blais. The New PR-ling. On Tumblr, on Twitter, on Instagram, and most of all IRL, everybody hearts Amina Said, the PR coordinator at Holt Renfrew. She pushes new brands, screws rules, wears costume jewellery like nobody’s biz and routinely gives a ring-stacked finger to the publicist’s all-black uniform. (For example, see photos of her versus other fashion publicists in the Uniform Project.) The New Blogging Queen. When GracieCarroll came back from Londontown this summer, she made sure everybody knew it. From handling PR for off-schedule LG Fashion Week shows to posing for NOW’s medium-gloss fall fashion guide to writing for FILLER and more, Carroll–who previously stinted with Elle UK–got busy fast. Her well-designed blog,, helps you keep up. The New Photographer. TIE! Lewis Mirrett‘s artily constructed, recoloured street-style snaps for FASHION Magazine won him fans of his own; meanwhile, everyone at every Room at the Bay party secretly craved a “candid” shot by Jason Hudson, a.k.a. These Roving Eyes. Did you know he has five million followers on Instagram? Something like that. Petra Collins. The Ingenue Photographer. Petra Collins can’t legally drink, but jesus can she shoot. Mostly she shoots her friends; mostly they’re as lithe and post-Lolita as she is. The results are hazy, grainy, and shockingly tender, with light and nostalgia borrowed from the late ’60s/early ’70s. (They’ve also been called risky and raw, though to be real, there’s not immense risk in shooting pretty white girls.) This year she’s shot editorials for Vice Style, for Tavi Gevinson’s Rookie, for “I read it for the art”-porn mag Jacques, and for The Ardorous, an all-girl photo collective she launched herself. Collins isn’t so much one to watch as she is one you can’t look away from. The New Anti-Glossy. Directed by stylist Julianna Schiavinatto, PULP Magazine went from digital to print after just a year. Now on its second biannual print issue (fourth total), it’s pushing a cooler, more “European” aesthetic that’s long overdue here. I even have one of these Susan Eldridge shots on my (office) wall. Left: Robert Weir (Plaid Magazine); right: Fiona Green (FLARE). The New Icon. ANOTHER TIE! I’m known by at least two people to joke that street style isn’t street style anymore; it’s hailing-a-cab-outside-the-Rodarte-show style. But I’ll say this, too, for FLARE‘s excellently dressed Fiona Green: when we’re at London Fashion Week between shows, she trades her Proenza Schouler murder-heels for an old pair of Brown’s boots and walks. Just like a normal person. Really though, Green is one of those perfect-hair-no-makeup girls who would be considered shy and sweet if she weren’t dressed so bloody intimidatingly all the time; and since she is shy and sweet, the intimidation is all the more real. Then there’s Plaid beauty director Robert Weir, who apparently once did Anna Wintour’s makeup, but I don’t care about that. All I care about is staring at him and his ever new, ever wicked, never too-studied outfits whenever we’re at the same party, which is… a lot. Idea: stay home more, Rob, and by stay home I mean come over. (We actually just met for real last week, and he is going to be so scared now.) The New Ideas Man. My friend–I am obliged to tell you he’s my friend–Christopher Sherman got hired away from no less than Jeanne Beker to help make The Hudson’s Bay Company happen. With the B-Insider, a blog focussed on The Room, the White Space, Topshop and the Bay’s other style departments, he (and his pro team) have made virtual our industry’s most ambitious reinvention. I’m glad one of the loveliest and hardest-working boys in the game has something to call his own, but he’s the first to say it’s not all him. The B-Insider comprises lots of young(er) talents: photographers like Jaclyn Locke, Adam Levett and David Pike; subjects like Dan Levy and Sarah Chavez; writers like, uhh, me. We all contribute not only because The Bay pays, but also (and more importantly, right?!) because Sherman is doing something substantial for Canadian fashion. Sarah Chavez with two boys named Travis. Photo: Jaclyn Locke. Sarah Nicole Prickett is the style editor at Toronto Standard. Follow her on Twitter at @xoxSNP.

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