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June 21, 2015
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October 30, 2014
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Five Internet Funnies From Flooded Union Station
From sharks to Titanic, Toronto turns a flooded subway station into a slew of awesomeness

Shark Meme posted on Facebook by Jamie King

Union Station was entirely flooded and closed for much of today, yet numerous photos and subsequent memes managed to come to life. Thank you Internet! Not only was Union Station the number one trending topic (and seriously, why wouldn’t it be?) but it was also the source of much comedy. Flooding brings out the funny when no one gets hurt. Especially when the flooding is a mix of rain and sewage.

Steve Murray at the National Post tweeted, “For the first time, things are flowing nicely at Union Station.”

Jeff Azzoparti from Fan590 tweeted: “Mayor Ford on scene at Union Station with an apparent plan to end flood…” completed with a link to this clip from Anchorman.

Now for more memes.

Jack and Rose barely make it out! Posted on Facebook by Branden Z.

Oh no! Rose gets eaten by one of the sharks! Posted on Twitter by Meg Button.

Leave it to Spacing to create something beautiful.

[UPDATED] Mayor Ford activates his cannonball plan. This one was posted on Facebook by David Correia.

I probably missed a million, so please feel free to post links to funny memes below.

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