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And he said a few other notable things.

Yesterday we informed you that Rob Ford was set to take the position of guest commentator on a sports talk radio show called the Sports Junkies on Washington, D.C’s 106.7 the Fan. His timing couldn’t have been more awkward. Last night, wiretap evidence was released from much-discussed police investigation targeting Ford associate Sandro Lisi and the Dixon Street Bloods, Project Brazen 2, revealing a new slew of allegations and information, including wiretaps that discuss the aftermath Ford having his phone stolen at the infamous traphouse (slang for a house where drugs are sold) where he was allegedly videotaped smoking crack cocaine, information stating that Ford also had smoked heroin (“hezza”), and word that Ford allegedly attempted to buy the tape that captures him smoking crack cocaine for $5,000 and a car. This morning, Ford made his first (of what appears to be many) appearance on the Sport Junkies, on 106.7 the Fan in Washington. 

After being asked whether he offered money to buy the video that depicted him smoking crack, Ford responded aggressively, “Number one: That’s an outright lie. And number two: You can talk to my lawyers about it,” he said. “But I’m here to talk football, so if you want to talk football, we can talk football. If you want to talk about other things, then unfortunately I’ll have to let you go.” 

Other highlights.

On allegedly stealing Matt Mays seat at Sunday’s Buffalo Bills game at the Rogers Centre:

“The NFL brought me to my seats and said ‘sit here.’ I had a security guard in front of me, and I had my driver beside me, and I just sat there. I put my tickets online. Whoever is accusing me of this, I’d like to see this guy’s tickets.”

On whether he regrets eating the wings at the game that resulted in this photo:

“I’ve been training and I sat with my trainer, Jerry, beside me, [he] bought me this bucket of wings. I told him, man, ‘if I eat one wing, mark my words–they’re going to nail me.’ and sure enough, I dipped into those hot wings and whammo, they got me. I guess I do regret it now.” 

On the controversy around whether or not the Washington Redskins should change their name:

“Well, you know what, why don’t we look at the Cleveland Indians: What do we call them next, the Cleveland Aboriginals?

Like, where do we go with this? It’s been around for years and years and years, and if they were offended, they should have come out when the name was first initiated, when you started playing. How long have the ‘Skins had their name for? How long have the Chiefs had their name for? How long have the Cleveland Indians had their name for? Years and years and years, and all of a sudden the politically correct people have to come out now? I think everything’s fine and I’d just stick with the name.”

On whether or not he has trouble sleeping at night:

“Not at all. I know when I go to bed, I’ve done my best. I show up to work every day, I’ve never missed a coucnicl meeting. You look at my record compared to the other  councilors. When i go to work, I work hard. Like i said, i’m a people’s person. When people call me, I answer them. How many mayor’s call them back? Not too many. But I do.”

On How Women Choose Fantasy Sports Teams:

“A lotta women up here they win all the time.

Host: But they don’t know anything.

I know! But they just look at who is the cutest guy and [laughs] that’s how they pick ’em.”

(via: Washington CBS Local)


Jordan Sowunmi is a writer and editor at the Toronto Standard. He is on Twitter: @jordanisjoso




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