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The Best Moments of Milan Fashion Week
Is it just me, or is everything a blur at this point?

My new mantra? Just one more week… just one more week. Even as Milan Fashion Week ends today, Paris starts up and my forehead is still glued to my screen looking for the best moments of fashion weeks around the world. Then I get a glorious two weeks of quiet before Toronto’s own fashion week starts up. Have I said “fashion week” too many times? Here are the best moments from Milan.

1. DSquared polka dots

Remember the idea Coco Chanel had? Before leaving the house, take at least one thing off. Instead, Dean and Dan Catten put more on their models, and then more, and then a bigger, heavier more. Drowning in chains, jewellery, hats, belts and more chains the ladies of DSquared looked like they didn’t want for nothing. The pink satin polka dotted skirt suits? Pure perfection in a sea of scary.


 Photo Credit: New York Magazine

2. Basharatyan V. braids

Just when I’ve finally mastered a side braid and gotten somewhat of a hold on fishtails, the Basharatyan V. beauty team sent models down the runway with blunt bangs ending in a braid that travelled to an entwined low side bun. Angelic and whimsical, the hairstyle has me longing for more talented fingers.

 Photo Credit: New York Magazine

3. Luisa Beccaria scarf bows

Remember the hat that Aretha Franklin wore for President Obama’s inauguration? It’s back and a little bit funkier. Matched up with a collection that seems to take inspiration from the village girls on the islands my grandparents are from, the huge fabric bows seem totally in their comfort zone. Alongside peasant skirts and elaborate embroidery, these headpieces seem fit to usurp hair bows from pop culture.

 Photo Credit: New York Magazine

4. Philip Plein motorcycle jacket

I’m a huge fan of Sons of Anarchy so it’s no wonder Plein’s pink motorcycle jacket caught my eye. Embellished with gold chains and killer cuffs, this one garment is the apple of my eye. Swimming in a sea of amazing prints and superb accessories, it’s surprising that I could choose just one thing to highlight but whatever bring me closer to being Juice’s old lady.

 Photo Credit: New York Magazine

5. Aigner statement necks

Can it be deemed a statement necklace if it covers the entire neck, clavicles, and chest? Mixing loud patterns with toned down pale colours, the Aigner Spring 2013 collection showed the two in close juxtaposition. Throwing in an oversized chest piece that holds up a dainty, nude coloured dress is what made me sit up and take notice.

 Photo Credit: New York Magazine

6. Versace lace eyelets

We’re already predispositioned to know that anything hailing from the Versace camp will be either inherently tacky or unbelievably sexy. Thanks the design gods that Donatella went with the latter this season. In addition to va-va-voom hair and leather and lace combos that had be picturing a very chic Jane of the Jungle, the peek-a-boo eyelets were crazy sexy with a hint of danger.


 Photo Credit: New York Magazine

7. Gabriele Colangelo stark colours

I love everything about this outfit. From the orange and white blouse, to the dark eyebrows and pale face/hair, right down to the orange and white sandals (flats!!). When colourblocking is a mystery to you, why not let a super cute outfit do all the work for you?

 Photo Credit: New York Magazine

8. Jil Sander fall-ish colours

It’s fall NOW so you can understand why I hate looking at spring runways and seeing bikinis and itsy-bitsy dresses. Leave it to homecoming queen Sander to present a collection that has the delicious shades of the fall (navy and rust) combined with the lightness of spring whites and shapes. I feel confused. I’m happy it’s fall, but want it to be spring? Or vice versa?

 Photo Credit: New York Magazine

9. Marni sunglasses

Staring at the prints from the Marni runway is enough to have anyone seeing crosseyed. Eye protection comes in the form of super chic sunglasses. These particular shades with black arms and a white rim are at once retro with a very modern shape. Staring directly at the sun has never been so fabulous.


 Photo Credit: New York Magazine

10. Gucci shoes

Pay no attention to the crippled toes behind the curtain. Instead, focus on the yummy bubblegum pink shade of this updated gladiator look with ajoining ankle cuff and gold hardware. Foot pain be damned! This is one shoe I’ve got to get my feet in.

 Photo Credit: New York Magazine

11. Dolce and Gabbana imagery

Corsets and crinoline aside, the design duo of Stefano and Domenico presented a collection that was practically priceless art. Dresses printed with street-theater puppets, and tops and skirts with collectible vases and dishes from the Caltagirone region, this runway show was dubbed ‘kitsch’ but only in the best way possible.

 Photo Credit: New York Magazine

12. Missoni sequins

Just like Mary Katrantzou, Missoni is a label of easy-to-identify prints. While the iconic patterns were spotted in light, pastel colours, it was a red and white reverse ombre jacket that made me sqee. Did I mention it has sequins? Because it does. And that’s just seriously awesome.


 Photo Credit: New York Magazine

13. Just Cavalli pattern

Another from MFW that has the tendancy to turn to the tack, Roberto Cavallo showed his Spring 2013 collection that came complete with leopard print, jean vests and holey knitwear. However, the serene white seperates with blue majolica patterns spread out sparsely were absolutely heavenly. Who would have thought?

 Photo Credit: New York Magazine


Bianca Teixeira writes about style for Toronto Standard. Follow her on Twitter at @BeeLauraTee.

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